JBL Stereo Bluetooth Kulaklık J56BT

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Ses kalitesi çok yüksek. Alçak, orta, yüksek 20-20000 Hz sesleri duyabiliyorsunuz, şarkıdaki bazı enstrumanlar kaybolmuyor dinlerken ve baslar çok güçlü gözünüzü kapattırıyor. Bana büyük geldi, kullanmadığım için satıyorum.

Introducing the J56BT, a wireless headphone with all of the freedom and flexibility that comes from cutting the cord. With their swivel-style pivoting earcups and advanced 40mm drivers dishing out signature JBL PureBass performance, the J56BT speaks volumes when it comes to sound. But that´s on half the fun. Using the simple user interface on the outer earcup, not only can you please, and control music volume precisely, but you can instantly turn your headphones into an advanced Bluetooth 3.0 wireless headset for both incoming and outgoing calls.

Swivel earcup design with Bluetooth® 3.0 wireless freedom and connectivity

The J56BT comes complete with in-built Bluetooth® 3.0 connectivity, giving you the freedom of wireless connection. They?re stylishly flexible too ? with close-back, pivoting earcups that give you freedom, flexibility, and value ? all in one package.

Simple user controls on outer earcup: USB-rechargeable battery

Listening to music on-the-go means having a headphone that?s easy to use. That?s why the J56BT feature simple volume controls on their outer earcups, allowing for seamless, hassle-free functionality. With their USB-rechargeable battery supplying up to 16 hours of power, you can get from point A to B without any worry of the music ever stopping.

40mm driver delivers signature JBL PureBass performance

Scientifically designed earcup acoustics and premium 40mm drivers are at the heart of JBL PureBass performance, bringing you all the raw power and clarity of pulsing bass - the kind you?d expect from the world leader in concert sound. The result speaks for itself: JBL clarity of sound no matter the frequency or volume, letting you enjoy the deepest-hitting drums without sacrificing even a hint of sound quality.

Built-in microphone with echo-cancellation for natural sounding calls

Part of being flexible means being ready for any occasion. With its built-in microphone that offers signature echo-cancellation technology, your J56BT gives you the same, best-in-class sound quality in your conversations as it does in your music listening.

  • Type: Bluetooth® wireless on-ear
  • stereo headphones
  • Advanced 40mm drivers
  • Dynamic frequency response:
  • 20Hz?20kHz
  • BT frequency range: 2.402-2.480gHz
  • BT transmitter power: < 4dBm
  • BT transmitter modulation: GFSK ?/4
  • Support BT 3.0, A2DP v1.3, AVRCP v1.5,
  • HSP v1.2, HFP v1.6
  • Maximum SPL: 115dB @ 30mW
  • Rated power input: 30mW
  • Microphone sensitivity:
  • -42dBPa/V @ 1KHz
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