HYPERLITE 128 Motive Biolite

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HYPERLITE 128 Motive Biolite Wakeboard

Board Specifications:
Length:128 cm
Mid width:16.3
Tip width:9.2
Rocker height:2.5
Rocker type:Continuous
Stance options:16 -22
Fin configuration:Two 1.7 Maruca fins and four 0.4 molded-in fins
Skill level:Beginner-Expert
Construction:Biolite core

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  • Manufacturer´s Description:
    Designed by Shaun Murray several years ago for a smooth, consistent, but still relatively fast rocker line. High-End shredders love the edge hold while recreational riders prefer the steadiness in shifting water conditions.

    It comes complete with two 1.7 Maruca fins and four 0.4 deep molded-in fins covering all the points through a turn, edge hold, and release off the wake.

    Riders can use a smaller center fin and have a faster rail ride shape with a quick release off the wake. 

    Motive Features:
    Continuous Rocker - An easy transition up the wake all the time.
    V Bottom Ful-Length Tunnel - Aids in tracking and helps break up the water on landings.
    Two 1.7 Maruca Center Fins - For riders that prefer a tighter feel on the water with a slightly stronger edge hold up the wake.
    Four 0.4 Deep Molded-in Fins - These outer fins act as a stabilizer for beginners and a gas pedal for advanced riders.
    4.75 Center Fin Placement - Improves the floatier feel with the center fin moved in further.
    Total Versatility - A board shape that covers a broad specturm of abilities.