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The Head Nano Ti Tour Tennis Racket has the following features: The Head Nano TI. Tour tennis racket is a great tennis racket for beginners. The racket has a basic design and a graphite titanium composition. It will give a beginner stability and plenty of power. The head size of 660 cm2 and Besaitung of 16 x 19 offers a larger sweet spot. The flexible tennis racket has a balance of 330mm and weighs a little 275grams. A great model for a beginning tennis enthusiast! Head has used several nano-technologies in the design of this tennis racket for an optimal result on the tennis court. The AWT (Air Wing Technology) reduces the air resistance so that you´ll have a stronger swing. The rubber inlays between the bridge and frame reduce vibrations on impact and prevent arm injuries. This is called the IFD technology (Integrated Frame Dampening). Specifications: Head tennis racket Type of player: beginner / recreational player Head size: 660 cm² Weight: 275gr Balance: 330 mm Length: 685 mm Besaitung: 16 x 19 This racket is strung and comes with a matching cover! The correct grip size is essential when ordering a new racket. How to determine the right size? Hold your racket in the standard ´Eastern Forehand Grip´ and keep the head vertical. Place your thumb on the handle. When you have the correct grip size, your index finger of your other hand should be able to fit in between the ring finger and palm of the hand with which you´re holding the racket. If there isn´t enough room to place your index finger, your grip is too small. If there´s room left, the grip is too large. Grip 1 = 4 1/8 inches = 10,47cm to 10,79cm Grip 2 = 4 1/4 inches = 10,80cm to 11,10cm Grip 3 = 4 3/8 inches = 11,11cm to 11,42cm Grip 4 = 4 1/2 inches = 11,43cm to 11,74cm Tags: tennisrackets, tennis rackets, rackets, tennis.